OpenBroadcaster is a free and open source radio, television,[digital signage and cable tv digital asset management system for broadcast automation (via web-based community management) to exchange dynamic user-generated content programming between remote on-air radio and TV transmitters. The OpenBroadcaster system enables authorized community and audience members to manage local insertion split feed programming on a centralcasting network linking multiple "radio in a box" broadcast transmitters and remotely managed devices. Local audience customizes radio formats, requests content online, generates dynamic playlists and slideshows, programs and selects theme based segments and interact with other audience members. User Determined Media.

Authorized users may use as an emergency communication system to upload and priority schedule digitized emergency audio and visual messages via the Internet without the need of having personnel in the control room.

OpenBroadcaster brings social media together with collaborative software enabling community participation blending new media with over the air broadcasting. Through a unified web interface there is reduced administration costs in the operation and broadcast syndication of low-power broadcasting community airtime as content can be uploaded, created and scheduled remotely. Self serve narrowcasting workflow using voice tracking and smartphones reduces the need for “set-up” time at the station in preparing radio programs and Public-access television local-access television for airing a broadcast allowing more resources to be directed to generating revenue, creating content and providing local programming of community messages.


Download our  latest  Stable Release Ver 4.0.0


User Generated Radio Using Open Source To Reduce Administration and Increase Revenue

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